Wednesday, August 27, 2008


jonas found a dead frog in the bathroom this morning. i squealed and jumped, which he thought was hilarious.

check out justin's blog for a video of jonas doing a flip into the pool.


Jonas' pictures

Jonas took all of these with his own camera.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the saddest thing i've ever seen

this poor gorilla has been carrying around her dead baby since he died 4 days ago.

isn't that heartbreaking?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

nope, not dead

hi folks.

as the title says, i'm still alive and kicking. i'm trying to study for my last exam for a medical license, the usmle step 3. (well, next to last. texas medical jurisprudence will have to wait.) SO, all that lovely free time that i love devoting to the glorious world wide web, has been spent on nephrology, infectious disease, cardiology, oncology, etc.

i'm such a slacker.

i feel the same struggle i remember from med school. i need a bumper sticker: i'd rather be baking. let's recap what i've done this week, when i'm supposed to be studying: brownies saturday, turtle cake monday, blueberry muffins tuesday. trip to the outlet mall wednesday. today, blogging. but laundry? no. nutritious meals for the family? nope. i was planning to cover neurology this afternoon, but there's a little sundress for betty on the sewing machine that's calling my name...


at one point i could spend 18 hour days studying in the back corner of the library, with short breaks for meals only (at the memorial hermann cafeteria! which is not where i worked. so much the better.) now i'm doing good to pay attention to study for 2 hours, at best. i've gotten used to the multitask!

(i know some of you doctor-y types i went to school with read this blog. now's your chance to step out of the shadows and leave a comment! you know my study habits were never that impressive, but everybody else will believe me unless you step in.)

well, bye now. time to go suntan by the pool review amytrophic lateral sclerosis.