Thursday, August 14, 2008

nope, not dead

hi folks.

as the title says, i'm still alive and kicking. i'm trying to study for my last exam for a medical license, the usmle step 3. (well, next to last. texas medical jurisprudence will have to wait.) SO, all that lovely free time that i love devoting to the glorious world wide web, has been spent on nephrology, infectious disease, cardiology, oncology, etc.

i'm such a slacker.

i feel the same struggle i remember from med school. i need a bumper sticker: i'd rather be baking. let's recap what i've done this week, when i'm supposed to be studying: brownies saturday, turtle cake monday, blueberry muffins tuesday. trip to the outlet mall wednesday. today, blogging. but laundry? no. nutritious meals for the family? nope. i was planning to cover neurology this afternoon, but there's a little sundress for betty on the sewing machine that's calling my name...


at one point i could spend 18 hour days studying in the back corner of the library, with short breaks for meals only (at the memorial hermann cafeteria! which is not where i worked. so much the better.) now i'm doing good to pay attention to study for 2 hours, at best. i've gotten used to the multitask!

(i know some of you doctor-y types i went to school with read this blog. now's your chance to step out of the shadows and leave a comment! you know my study habits were never that impressive, but everybody else will believe me unless you step in.)

well, bye now. time to go suntan by the pool review amytrophic lateral sclerosis.



mandi said...

wow! i've been thinking about you lots, wondering what my friend is up to. and calling is WAY to impractical to find out that information- blogging is really the only way: )
you'll appreciate this- when we were in houston last week me and the kids went to half price books (oh half price,how i miss thee)and dylin came across this GIANT surgical anatomy book. i had to tear her away from it after about 15 minutes("look momma- the kidneys"). she begged me to buy it claiming that $200 really wasn't too much for such a big book.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Oh my! I don't miss the days of studying either. Of course, I only lasted 2 years of college before I became a full-time mom.

Its always a fun question to ask me: When and where did you graduate?

Of course, I assume they meant high school and say James Bowie High class of 99! Ha!

Major props to you. You must be one amazing multi-tasking machine.


Hendrick Family said...

You might be the coolest person ever.

I've always wanted to be a doctor...well, really, I wanted to be an actress on TV who played a doctor...

I might need your autograph.

Right now, I'm sitting here looking through a third grade curriculum wondering if I'm smart enough to teach third grade...


okcowgirl421 said...

I totally smell what you're stepping in. I'm studying for #3 of 4 for the CPA exam and I have found so many things to do besides study. Did you know that I'm a champion Spider solitaire player? I can also work an entire crossword puzzle in no time flat. And cooking is another distraction for me, as are talking on the phone, e-mailing, and blogging. And my study habits were never stellar to begin with. Hang in there - we'll both git 'er done soon and then we can play all we want! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Alma said...
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