Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picture Update: San Antonio and Costumes, Plus a Self Portrait

Prepare yourself for an avalanche of photos.  Here we go.

We went to San Antonio last weekend.  Here are some pictures from the Riverwalk, Sea World, and the Natural Bridge drive-thru Safari.  We had a great time.  San Antonio was beautiful, and the weather was perfect.  Sea World was amazing; we even got to see one of my "oldest" friends, Jen, and her family.  I can't believe I forgot to take pictures with them!

This ostrich was seriously aggressive.  They weren't kidding.

The kids INSISTED on making a pumpkin pie from scratch.  Until I asked them to scoop out the pumpkin guts.  "Ewwww."

This thing stung me:

This is what I look like:


Betty in her ladybug costume, and Jonas as Max from the book Where the Wild Things Are.  Also see  cute pictures that Justin took here and here.


Cheryl said...

Too cute and so fun! (Did y'all like Where the Wild Things Are?)

mandi said...

wow! you guys have done so much since i've last seen you! sea world!?! didn't you love it?

the costumes are so great! did you end up making jonas'?

and that thing that stung you...i can't believe how much it made your belly swell

; )

Homemaker, MD said...

wow, that scorpion is scary. glad i don't have those around overhere in charleston. i think i prefer the gators!

love your self-portrait, when are you due?

Mommy, M.D. said...

Thanks y'all! Mandi, yes, I did make jonas' costume. I used a mccalls animal costume pattern (the dog version) and just changed the ears. and homemaker md, you're crazy for taking the gators! creepy. i'm due in february; 26 weeks right now. a little frightened by how big my belly already is...

j Wakeham said...

jonas and betty rose look adorable in those costumes!
and who got stung by the scorpion? is it as terrible as they say?