Saturday, November 1, 2008

Better late than never, right?

Is anyone out there still interested in a post about Halloween????

I finally got it together to show you pictures.

Some of the local mommies took the kids to visit the nursing home. Pretty uneventful, which I guess is a good thing.

Betty's costume was originally supposed to be a dress, but I changed it to a top and skirt. I thought she would get more mileage that way. But the dress bodice is a little short as a top. Since it's not a Britney Spears costume, I put a t-shirt under. Oh well. The skirt turned out cute. Also please notice the repaired horns on Jonas' costume. And no, the pom-poms are not a part of his costume. But isn't Braelyn cute as a cheerleader!

Oh, and apparently no one else enjoys the charm of homemade costumes as much as I do. Our group had 5 kids, and two classes of elementary students came by with about 30 kids, and my two were the only ones in homemade costumes. I didn't know whether to be proud or sad. What do you think? Charmingly old-fashioned, or just ordinary old-fashioned???

In other news:

The kids are muddy.

The hens are laying.

And June Carter Cash is definitely knocked up.



mandi said...

i guess you already know my vote, right? homemade is ALWAYS in! betty's skirt was so cute, and i'm really impressed by jonas' costume! wow!

Steph said...

A couple comments regarding this always welcome halloween post:
1. Super cute pics of our kids. Thanks for sending me those!
2. I enjoyed the charm of your homemade costume immensely! Did you have fun making them? I think that's all that matters.
3. The mud picture. Are your children completely naked?
4. I am inviting myself over for omelets.
5. Tell June I'm jealous! ;)

Mommy, M.D. said...

Yes, I did have fun making them. I love having a project.

Yes, they are completely naked. They started out in clothes, but wanted them off as they got dirty. Dirty skin, good. Dirty clothes, bad.

I'm going to have to get better at omelets. We're just getting a couple of eggs a day, due to some "hens" turning out as "roosters". So I've been rationing the eggs. But the second batch of hens will start laying soon, and then we'll be overrun in eggs. I'll have to figure out how to turn out a decent omelet.

June is most likely having twins. Goats usually do, or so I'm told.

Amy said...

Charmingly! I envy your craftiness.

I like that old school door to door.

Hey! Eggs! Our eggs are less and less. I love eggs.

And Steph, you're hilarious....

Unknown said...

i am so impressed with their costumes...those look really complicated!
love the mud shots...
those are priceless!