Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First attempt at curlers...

Did not go so well.

{I still need your comments on the post below!}

It started out fine. She looks cute with the curlers in.

But then it's wrong, all wrong.

Mothers of little girls, I need your help. Where did I go wrong?

I'm thinking maybe they should have been turned vertically?



Catherine Haskew said...

Hey Girl! Ok I dont have a daughter but I have used curlers a lot! And what I have found is that its all in how you take them out. If you are wanting vertical curls you have to take the curlers out pulling them down not up or out. Hope this helps a bit!

Unknown said...

So, to me it looks like you put them in too far apart. You need more of them so the hair going in the curler is wrapped much tighter instead of being pulled a couple of inches and then only being wrapped on the ends. The other thing is making sure that the hair is still damp when you roll it and fully dry before removing. Also, since heat sets your hair (hench hot rollers, straighteners, curling irons) if you run a blowdryer over the rollers and then let them cool before you take them out, it will help the curl hold longer! Hope that makes sense! Good luck!

Hendrick Family said...


I've got nothing.

I'm out!

Mommy, M.D. said...

Kim, I was afraid of that. She was having trouble holding still, so I put bigger clumps of hair to get done faster. Maybe next time I'll let her watch cartoons or something. The hair was damp and I did use the blow dryer, but not long enough and it was a bit damp when i took them out.

and catherine, i remember that now that you say it. thanks for reminding me. i sort of tried, but her fine little hair was tangled around tightly, and i sort of just got the curlers out whatever way i could.

onward! i'll try again and let you know how it goes.

and maybe i could just do the back and leave the bangs straight.

mandi said...

she is so cute with those curlers in! i've always had long hair and i remember as a child having my hair sponge rolled for church. on saturday night. that's right- we had to sleep in ours. so we basically had to sleep on our faces. cruel i say, cruel!!!

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

So fun!

I had to leave KK's in over night too- she did not love this experience. And I put them in when her hair was damp.

But, to do it much quicker with less pain, you could dampen her hair with a spray bottle and then blow dry to set the curls. But, you have to make sure its completely dry like someone else said already.

And if you want the ringlet curls, you do need to put them in vertically and take them out vertically.

KK's hair didn't curl well and hold curl until she got a little older. So, it may just still be her sweet baby hair.

Keep us posted and let us know how it goes after round two!