Saturday, July 10, 2010


Justin is in Kenya, teaching Bible classes at Kenya Baptist Theological College. See his blog for pictures and videos.

He is with our friend's ministry, HaMoreh. This is a fantastic organization. From their site: "Our heart and hope is to be used by God in helping people around the world to enjoy God more through being transformed by the renewing of their minds." HaMoreh is Hebrew for "The Teacher." The ministry primarily teaches Bible and theology classes in African seminaries, and mentors and equips local Bible teachers and seminary professors. "We invest in the lives of those who will then go on to invest in the lives of many more." There is a helpful video here that explains the ministry very clearly.

As much as we hate being apart, I am so proud of my husband. He's doing amazing, important work. This was sort of a scouting trip, to see what ministry opportunities there may be for us as a family in the coming years. I look forward to those possibilities with eager anticipation.

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