Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Me: Sometimes bad guys want to hurt us. So good guys go out, like army men, or guys in planes or boats, and fight the bad guys, so they don't get us. But sometimes the bad guys kill the good guys. So we have Memorial Day to remember the good guys who died to keep us safe.

Jonas: Like the bad guys that killed Manuel?

Me: Yes, like those bad guys.

Jonas: Why did they do that? They didn't like him?

Me: I guess not.

Jonas: And the bad guys don't like us?

Me: Some bad guys don't, that's right. But there are good guys, like policemen and army guys, who will fight them and protect us.

Jonas: They don't like anybody. They don't love anybody.

Me: Some bad guys are like that. But some of them do love their family, but don't like other people. I don't know why.

Jonas: Because they're mean. That's why.

Me: You should run for president.

Jonas: OK. Goodnight.


Steph said... make me laugh! I can totally hear you and Jonas having this conversation.

Erica Dirba said...

Your kids are so precious Brandi! They make me smile :]