Friday, June 20, 2008

look how domestic i am

homemade peach jam, folks. cue the "applause" signs.

mom brought me a ton of peaches from fairfield and helped me with my first canning project. i had helped her do this a thousand times, but hadn't paid enough attention to do it myself. it wasn't hard at all. i meant to document the process for an online tutorial, but i forgot. here's the short version:

buy this:

and follow the directions in the box.

here's the shortcut my mom taught me:

we didn't need to boil the jars to seal them. mom got the jars hot by running them through the dishwasher, and soaked the lids in hot water. then we poured in the hot jam and turned the jars upside down. that was enough heat to seal them.

so thanks, mom, for teaching me. and in the interest of Titus 2 (when did i become the OLDER woman in that verse????), i would love to teach anyone else who wants to know. just show up with a bunch of peaches (or whatever) and some empty jars.



Candice said...

Looks great! Is there a way to make the jam with a lower sugar content? I would love to try strawberry or blackberry.

Mommy, M.D. said...

there is. surejell makes another product that you can use less sugar. my heb didn't have it though. i don't know how it works, if it uses artificial sweetener or what. i used mom's recipe since it was my first time. the surejell recipe says to follow their recipe exactly or it may not set up, but next time i think i'll try raw sugar or agave or something.