Friday, January 9, 2009

Race, etc.

So, there was a post here attempting to discuss race. Apparently it didn't come across the way I intended so it's gone. If it was the opposite of helpful then I apologize. That was not my intention.

Update: it seems I can't just leave well enough alone. I'm trying again. See the new post titled "Stirring the Pot, Again." I think I've expressed myself more clearly this time around.


jessica said...

What? I thought your post was honest, brave, and sensitive. And looking towards the best ideals. Thank you for mentioning that the test's format is flexible. I'm planning on taking it again & seeing what happpens.

jessica said...

For what it's worth, after my second survey:
Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for African American compared to European American.

Mommy, M.D. said...

thanks, jessica. i got the faintest whiff of negative feedback and panicked. these things have to be handled with kid gloves, and maybe i didn't qualify enough or something.

congratulations on your racial preference! i wish i didn't score the way i did.

mandi said...

hmm...i'm surprised. i agree with jessica, i thought you were sensitive. and the whole point you made (in my head) was to know where you stand so you don't make decisions based on a preference you didn't know you had.