Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Up to Speed

Whew, hi everyone! It's been awhile, right?

I'll just catch you up to speed quickly; the idea of a really thorough post about Christmas and New York is just too overwhelming.

Christmas was great. We drove all over Oklahoma to celebrate with family. Then we left the kids with my mom and Justin and I went to New York City for a few days. We had a great time; I feel like I could visit that city once a year and always discover something new things. I look forward to taking the kids....in a few years. I didn't care for midtown at all; the crowds make me crazy. I loved just exploring lower Manhattan, especially Greenwich Village. Little boutiques, bistros, and bakeries. So perfect. We saw a concert, had tea at the Plaza, toured the MOMA, took in a play, a stand-up act, and some amazing restaurants. We skipped the statue and Empire State Building; the lines were way too long. I love the urban life, but just in small doses. I was glad to come home to open spaces and green things.

So, yesterday Jonas drank a V8. A V8! Like with actual vegetables! He called it pah-sghetti juice. How cute is that?

He had been eating lentil soup, which I was excited about anyway. But he said that the part he liked best was "this red stuff," which was broth with lots of tomato juice. So I got a V8 out and gave it to him. (I can't stand the stuff, but I use it in pasta sauce. That's why it was in the pantry.) He liked it! He asked for another one later. So I'm thinking....I have a new way to get real food in my kids. I'm gonna have to invest in the big boy.

I'm realizing that lunch is the way to go to get the kids to try something new. Because I don't usually cook lunch, it's always something they like, like a PB&J or grilled cheese or pasta. We've done the "you'll eat what we eat" thing for dinner, but they just stopped eating dinner. They are content to live on two meals a day and skip dinner. That was a move in the wrong direction. So I'm going to have to suck it up and make real food for lunch. Leftovers, at least.

This Sunday will be the first service in the new building. Morning services! I'm so excited. The building is still in need of TLC. But it's come a long, long way. Just to see it clean, with no mold on the walls, is a huge step. The kids area is being painted today, the bathroom is almost done, and the guys made huge purchases at IKEA to furnish the nursery and foyer. Next stop: red shag carpet on the pews. It just has to go.


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Anonymous said...

love my vitamix! my kids drink green lemonade and love it!
(its amazing really....its spinach, apples and lemons)
it really just tastes like lemonade.

i so want to go to NY with Rob this year:) Sounds like ya'll had a great time!

and congrats on the building!
hope Sunday is wonderful for you guys!