Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why didn't Mommy give me anything?

So I spent maybe an hour getting the calendar up and the schedule made.  Another hour or so for the tree.  Some time for the blog posts, to "pay it forward" for other families.  The kids helped with the calendar and tree.

All enjoyable time, and I'm glad to do it.  But, you know, a small investment.

When the time rolled around to Officially Celebrate Day One, I asked Justin to talk to them about Advent.  He usually leads out in our family devotions anyway, and I had already set up the tree and calendar with the kids, so I figured it was his turn to do something Christmas-y.  So he explained Advent,  gave them their quarters, and talked about how the quarters meant there were 25 days until Christmas.

They were very excited, and rushed to their piggy banks.

Then sweet Jonas came out with toys that he wanted to put in the calendar.  He had two, one for Justin and one for me.  "I got you a present too!"  He gave them to us, with both hands behind his back ("Pick a hand!") just like Daddy had done.  I got a little toy car, and Justin got a spaceship or something.  "Oh, I forgot Sissy!" And he ran and got a pink paper plate for her.

We told him that was very sweet and thoughtful, and we were glad he wanted to give presents.

Then Betty did likewise, and gifted Jonas with a Lego I think.

Then Jonas looked suddenly sad and hurt, and asked "Daddy and Betty gave me presents, and I gave everyone presents.  Why didn't Mommy give me anything?"


....I think it's safe to say I'll be passing out the Advent gifts tonight.