Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....


How does one decorate for this time of year? My house looks absolutely spartan with the Christmas stuff gone. But I don't want to put out spring-y things yet. What to do?

I suppose in other climates you could have snowflakes and that sort of thing. But that feels silly here; it was 70 degrees today. I've got pine cones out, but that's just not cutting it. They've been out since October, and they're not exactly bursting with color.

I'm feeling like purple could work; it sort of bridges that gap between winter and spring. And birds maybe? Something with birds?

So help. What feels right for January? It must be distinctly non-Christmas-y, but not daffodils and tulips yet. And no snowmen.

If anyone suggests putting out pink hearts for Valentines Day I will have to shoot you.

Update: this is worth considering.



Hendrick Family said...

We just put a little black baby in our floor to decorate...since this month has Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I don't know why I think that's so funny...but I'm laughing.

Okay...really...I like the bird idea.


Mommy, M.D. said...

so helpful, heather.

unfortunately we're a little short on black babies around here.

might have to borrow yours.

mandi said...

cardinals! they are bright and festive, and very much winter-ish.

or-now i'm just going to put this out there- have you thought of placing a random toy about every 2 feet on your floor leading from your bedroom all the way to the stairs? i think i know of 2 really good 'decorators' who could help out with that process. i'd let you borrow my decorators but they are hard at work over here.

Mommy, M.D. said...

c'mon, mandi, toys are so last season.

I've moved on to mud. Mud is the new black.